Scheduled Downtime

Monthly Downtimes    

All dates and times are from 10 PM Friday to 10 AM Saturday (12-hour max.), with the exception of the dates with the + designation, which are 10 PM Friday to 10 PM Saturday (24-hour max.).  Dates in boldface indicate downtime windows that were actually used.

Spring 2015
Jan 9-10, 2015
Feb 6-7, 2015
Mar 6-7, 2015
Apr 10-11, 2015
May 29-30, 2015+

Summer 2015
June 5-6, 2015
July 10-11, 2015
Aug 7-8, 2015

Fall 2015
Sep 11-12, 2015
Oct 2-3, 2015
Nov 6-7, 2015
Dec 4-5, 2015
Dec 29-30, 2015 (alternate mid-week option)

+ If a major upgrade is available, downtime may exceed 24 hours, and may begin earlier than 10 PM.  If a downtime needs to be extended, campuses will be notified.


The scheduled monthly downtimes are reserved to take maintenance releases (MRs) or other updates to D2L software. Note that non-major updates are scheduled for 12 hours and major updates are scheduled for 24 hours. The actual duration of these downtimes may vary. We will provide specific details near the date of each downtime.

Weekly Downtimes - Hardware and Server Software Maintenance   

All Tuesdays  5 AM - 7 AM

All Sundays    5 AM - 9 AM

These are windows of time reserved to perform routine maintenance and upgrades to the hardware and server software that support IMS/D2L. These will only be used if needed, and users will be notified of the downtime in advance.

Why Downtime is Required

Throughout the year, downtimes are required to allow for maintenance and upgrades of the system hardware and software that support MnSCU?s Instructional Management System (IMS) enterprise, as well as updates and maintenance releases to the IMS software, which is currently Desire2Learn (D2L).  Based on broad-based input from people in the academic, administrative and technical areas of the MnSCU system, recommendations were made regarding the optimum times to schedule these downtimes.

We have pro-actively scheduled potential downtimes for maintenance releases and version updates that may be available in the future.  Pro-active planning keeps faculty and students informed of times that D2L may not be available.  While a potential downtime for D2L software updates is scheduled once a month, we typically do not use more than three or four of these downtimes each year.  Scheduling one potential downtime a month gives us more flexibility in taking maintenance releases and updates as they become available, thereby providing more timely fixes to software issues.

Planned Downtimes

There are two basic types of planned downtimes:

  • Routine maintenance and upgrades to hardware and server software that support D2L Brightspace
  • Updates and maintenance releases for the D2L Brightspace software.

Users will be notified in advance if the downtime will be used. If no work is necessary during a particular period, the downtime will not be used.

Unplanned Downtimes

Unforeseen emergencies or special circumstances (power outages or hardware failures, for example) that require downtime at other dates and times will be announced as necessary. 
Since MnSCU's IMS/D2L Enterprise System is among others hosted at an off-site facility, occasionally, we may also experience downtimes related to the services at that site. Having an established downtime schedule for our own maintenance helps us to coordinate downtimes with our hosting data center, thereby enabling us to minimize the frequency and duration of any disruptions in service related to the IMS/D2L system.