A variety of training is offered or coordinated by the System Office for D2L users, including faculty, trainers, campus site admins and other technical support staff.  Training is provided in a variety of venues, including, but not limited to, printed documentation, on-demand recorded videos, webinars, and hands-on face-to-face workshops.

Version 10.1 Videos for Teachers

From Desire2Learn Community Site:

Content Overview *
User Progress Overview *

From Atomic Learning (free):

32 short videos--Content, User Progress, Discussions

From MnSCU:

Content Tool Changes in D2L Version 10.1

User Progress and Discussion Tool Changes in D2L Version 10.1

Version 10.1 Videos for Students

Overview Videos


* These videos were developed by Desire2Learn and may include features and tools that are not part of MnSCU's D2L implementation.  For example, MnSCU does not have the ePortfolio component.